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Mathematically Designed With The Archer in Mind

Tooth of The Arrow Broadhead

4 Identical Blades

Tooth of the Arrow’s patent pending machining process is computer numerical controlled (CNC), meaning it has the ability for extreme repeatability in its manufacturing process. Each blade is turned and mulled out of the broadhead (the body) itself, making all 4 blades equally thick and sharp as the next blade on the broadhead.

Tooth of The Arrow Broadhead

Many Weights

Many weights to choose from. Each fits most arrow shafts and is not limited to any gear setup.

Tooth of The Arrow Broadhead

45° Angle Edge

All of Tooth of the Arrow’s broadheads are grounded to a 45° angle. While our blades are sharpened at a steeper angle than traditional broadheads, we’ve found this allows our hunters to use the broadhead longer and achieve the same blood trail as if it were the first time they’ve used the broadhead. This, added with the .040 inches thickness, keeps the blades in top performance for longer, allowing you to enjoy hunting, rather than sharpening the blades.

Tooth of The Arrow Broadhead

CNC Machined

Each Tooth of the Arrow broadhead is turned and mulled from a patent pending computer numerical controlled (CNC) machining and grinding process allowing for precision, 24/7 processing and identical output.

Tooth of The Arrow Broadhead

Perfect Flight

Ask any bow hunter what one of their biggest concern is when hunting and you’ll hear, “accuracy.” Tooth of the Arrow’s broadheads are unique in that each broadhead is designed to be the most accurate. Tooth of the Arrow accomplishes this by turning and milling each broadhead in it’s entirety – each blade is carved out of the 12 foot long, 11L41 rod from the body, removing the need to assemble the broadhead. As a result, variables like the wind are minimized and whistling to alert the game, is no longer a worry for our hunters.

Tooth of The Arrow Broadhead

Toughest Broadhead

Tooth of the Arrow knew if they were going to make head way in an already packed market such as bow hunting, they would need to create a stand out product. They accomplished this by creating their broadheads from only the best quality steels. Using a 12 foot long, 11L41 steel rod and then turning and milling complete broadheads. After it’s turned and milled, the broadheads are heat treated in order to make each broadhead tougher and more durable.