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  • Fixed Broadhead - Tooth of the Arrow


    Our Humble Beginnings

    The first prototype was produced.

  • Fixed Broadhead - Tooth of the Arrow


    An Company is Born

    We introduced the 100 grain and 125 grain at the ATA. The response was unbelievable!

  • Fixed Broadhead - Tooth of the Arrow


    New Design Crafted

    After the feedback from the ATA we took some time to redesign the broadhead to make it sturdy and offer increased aerodynamics.

  • Fixed Broadhead - Tooth of the Arrow



    Installation of the robot to assist is production process.

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Tooth of the Arrow’s innovatively designed fixed broadheads are the culmination of passion and 15 years of design and machining experience. In 2009, after years of developing 3rd party products for archery and bow hunting, Tooth of the Arrow creators put their experience and intelligence to the max and mathematically designed the only broadhead you’ll ever need.

Using a patent pending machining and grinding process, Tooth of the Arrow’s broadheads are turned and milled from a 1 inch round, 12 foot long, 11L41 high carbon steel rod, making this broadhead the only 1 piece, 4 blade broadhead on the market. Why is this important? While many other companies claim to have a true fixed broadheads, in actuality their broadheads require their blades to be placed into a slot that is cut into the ferrule in order to make it a “one-piece”, Tooth of the Arrow’s broadheads are turned and milled in their entirety in their own computer numerical controlled (CNC) machine. The blades are machined from the base, so when we say, “one-piece” we mean, “one-piece.”

Each broadhead’s blades are .040 inches thick and are grounded to a 45 degree angle to keep it sharper longer and provide a large blood trail. The broadhead is heat treated to a Rockwell 45, and then coated in a black oxide finish giving it a slick and stylish look.

In 2010, Tooth the Arrow showcased their 100 and 125 grain broadheads at the ATA (Archery Trade Association) show, and received only one negative- the price. Tooth of the Arrow went back to the drawing board, and without compromising the design changed the way the machine turns and mills each broadhead. Not only are these broadheads more affordable, but also designed in such a way they are identical, making it one less variable hunters need to worry about.

Due to its one-piece design, Tooth of the Arrow removed potential for wind and whistling that often comes with more traditional broadheads, which require the blades be inserted (into the ferrule). With its short design, this low profile broadhead is ideal for crossbows; compound bows, and traditional bows. Strong enough to penetrate through steel, Tooth of the Arrow’s broadhead are perfect for white tail deer, wild hogs and turkey bow hunting.

Tooth of the Arrow is located in Rosemount, MN and is proud to be 100% American made. We look forward to continuing to produce top quality products to help our hunters continue to enjoy their sport.